We live in a digital age and online marketing is crucial for any small business that wants to get their customers’ attention.

At A ‘la Marketing we work with local small businesses to create marketing strategies and campaigns that get your small business the results that matter.



Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads

Content production

Social Media management

Marketing audits

Social media platform set up and design

Email campaign creation and design


Professionally trained marketer

18+ years experience in marketing

Approachable team with extensive small business knowledge

Fair, transparent pricing

Fast turn around

Proven client satisfaction

Extensive small business client experience






The digital strategy is a comprehensive plan, examining current position and presenting step by step guide to your digital marketing. This is a user friendly plan which looks at your current position, takes into account where you want to go and helps you get there.

The strategy is broken into several elements, all of which play together to do one simple job, bring people to your website and encourage them to take an action to contact you. We bring the boys to the yard, its your job to make them drink your milkshake.?

Once you receive the strategy you have several options for rollout. We can take over the process for you, you can take the strategy and do it all yourself, or we can share the load. Often it works best to touch base on a monthly basis to keep you on track with the plan.


  • Current digital marketing audit (website, social media, email marketing, SEO)

  • Branding

  • Website improvements

  • Social platform recommendations

  • Advertising

  • Email marketing

  • Blogging

  • SEO recommendations, keyword research, directory suggestions


Organic content ain?t what it used to be. Facebook organic marketing no longer pulls the numbers.

I can show you how you can harness the power of Facebook and Google to drive traffic to your website and grow your sales.


  • Google search and display campaigns

  • Facebook video and lead generation campaigns

  • Facebook boosted content campaigns

  • Instagram product marketing campaign



Social Media Content Production & Management service is designed to roll-out the initial strategy and maintain the day to day management of the social media platforms.

The service includes monthly reporting.

In accordance with the Social Media schedule, the management is conducted on an ongoing basis, Posts are scheduled for the upcoming period of time. Future scheduling depends on:

  • type of post (events and contents would be posted up to eight weeks prior and subsequent reminder posts would be scheduled from the initial post leading up the event)
  • urgency of the post (some posts can be scheduled far ahead of time as the reference point will not change, others need to be done in real time (Christmas vs. a major development in the industry which happens today)
  • timing and relevancy of news (shared articles and blogs are often time critical and must be done in real time, or soon after (you don?t want to be the last in line to share a news story, or enter into a hot topic of conversation


We can audit, review and provide feedback on your existing social media. This information will include insight into social media platforms and their purpose,?to provide you with clarity and direction when using social media to communicate with your customers.


    Social Media platforms have unique and often confusing setup options and what works for one, may not be the case for the next. Platform profile artwork sizes and post sizes vary, some platforms have word limits, hashtag requirements and unique posting options.

    Let A ‘la Marketing create visually appealing and consistent platform setups as well as templates for artwork posting, suggested hashtags and post topics. Our services include:

        • social media platform setup and artwork design

        • artwork templates

        • website integration

        • analytics integration


    Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to get in front of your customer. Whether it be a service reminder, an update or a promotion, email has a high engagement rate with loyal customers and keeps your business top of mind.?

    Find out today if your business would benefit from regular email marketing campaigns to your clients and start utilising your database to its fullest potential.?










      There are uncertain times. None of us knows how long this will last or if we will ever be the same again. As we adapt to a new normal, it is important for us to do as much as we can with what we have. You’ve work hard in your business and do a top job, but now it’s hard when you don’t know where your next job will come from.

      You understand the importance of quality and deliver top quality work yourself. Your marketing and website need to do the same. Let your website work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to increase customer base and give your business a fighting chance.


      Your website is the most important sales tool you have. Digital real estate is important in building credibility, providing information and selling your products and services.

      It is the digital home of your businesses and encourages your customers to take actions such as calling you or buying your products directly.?

      • Effective, user friendly websites for small business.
      • Visual and functional, responsive and fully integrated with social media.
      • Platforms include WordPress and Squarespace.
      • Web hosting, security, SSL certificates, domain registration and ongoing website management available.

      If your website is not efficient or out of date your competitors are taking your business. Competition is fierce and if your website isn’t giving customers what they want, they will seek out your competitors who are doing it better.

      My sites are simple, visual and effective, putting your business up in lights, providing your customers with a user friendly experience.

      My websites are integrated with social media as well as analytics, and can offer additional functionality such as:

      • online quote requests
      • bookings, and
      • customer contact detail collection

      What can I help you with?

      As a small business you need to make a big impact on your future customers by presenting your business professionally and letting your customers know about your services. That’s what I do – build strategy to reach your targets, create beautiful brands, build outstanding functional websites, get you found on Google and run proven Facebook and Google campaigns to get the customers through the door.

      Let’s have a conversation about your goals. My consultations are 100% FREE?

      My story

      I started this business out of desire for flexibility, but also dissonance for the ordinary.?

      I believe marketing should feel alive, be interactive and have a personality that reflects who you are. I work with high quality partners to delivery website design, SEO, digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, content writing and campaigns. Think of me as your external marketing department.

      So what?s my story??

      Education and experience

      I am degree qualified in communications, professional writing, marketing, PR, and film production. Sounds fancy huh? What I am trying to get at is that I have a deep understanding of human communication and how that is translated to marketing.

      I have worked in the industry since 2002 and have seen the transition from radio and newspaper advertising to the digital era of today. I am basically a marketing dinosaur…but it means you work with someone who gets it!


      I have two incredible (and incredibly challenging) children, 3 and 6. I also have a wonderful loving husband that has always supported my venture into self employment (lucky for me it has worked out well)

      I started this business to allow me the flexibility to be present in their lives. That being said they are no in school and full time daycare to accommodate for my business job that keeps me working all the time.?

      Being a mother is a job a cherish and has allowed me to learn a lot about myself. Especially as a working parent.??


      I like wine, traveling, the beach, socialising and meeting women in business, Zac Efron, leopard print everything, art, jazz music, bright colours, Frank’s hot sauce, bike riding, bushwalks, camping, and renovating.

      That last one is a lie, I hate renovating, I am never doing it again.


      Oh come on now, how stupid do you think I am?


      ?I love working with Ala. They are our number one go to for all our website and marketing needs for our businesses. And have been for last three years. The service is personable, reliable and professional.
      Highly recommended.?

      Karena Hinman

      Built By Drew

      A business associate recommended Ala to me as I was looking for someone who could work with me one-on-one in re-branding my business and website. It was important to me to speak to someone who understood my line of work and could create a website to suit my particular audience. From the very first conversation I felt understood about what I wanted and needed.?I was very impressed with the ease and efficiency of the process, and I particularly enjoyed the easy to understand language and explanations.
      I highly recommend Ala and will definitely be engaging her on future work.

      Jennifer Hacker Pearson

      The Mother Mentor

      I?m so pleased that I found Ala, not only did they talk to me in a language that I could understand their ideas and feedback was great too. I now consider Ala an important partner in my business journey and will definitely be using them again.

      Jessica Ricketts

      JR Media

      We engaged Ala to complete some maintenance and renew our SSL certificate which had expired. Our experience has been fantastic and not only did Ala fix up the issues, she also identified more errors we weren?t aware of and fixed those as well. The website is also running faster and has more effects and is visually more appealing than it was previously. We will continue to use Ala to complete more improvements to the website, an upgrade in months to come and ongoing maintenance. We are happy with the great communication, thoroughness and responsiveness and look forward to an ongoing business relationship.

      Christina Toon

      Enhance Biz

      If your business is still operating don’t wait to tell your customers.?



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