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Frequently Asked

How much does a website cost?

Short answer is between $500 and $4,500 (sometimes more).?

The cost of a website is different for each client as a site is a very personal project. Factors include size, complexity, written content requirements, urgency, style, building platform and more.?

For each project I meet with you (sometimes several times) to listen to what you want to achieve, I then provide a detailed quote and advice based on what you’ve outlined.?

Can I break up the payment?

Yes, however as a small business it is difficult to carry costs for clients. Therefore I choose to use ZIP pay for projects under $2,000.

Any larger projects can be invoiced at agreed-upon installments.

Final payment must be made before the project is handed over to you.

What if I already have a brand?

That’s great!

If you have a brand you are happy with what you already have.

Aside from a brand, I can work with you on strategy, website and advertising applying your existing branding.

Why is my website not showing up in Google results

There are several reasons. The main ones will be associated with the setup of your Google my Business account and indexing your site (telling Google the site is there).

Other reasons will be that your SEO needs work. The site may be new and have no authority with Google.

Want to know more about SEO? Read my BLOG post.?

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