What is Link Building?

One of SEO?s fundamental activities is link building. This is the process of getting links from other websites to your website. But not all links are created equal, the aim is to get as many HIGH QUALITY links back to your site, not just a huge number of random or irrelevant links.

Why is link building important?

High quality links are something that search engines such as Google value highly when considering ranking factors, along with quality original content, and outstanding page structure.

Google not only looks at the number of links but the quality of relevant links back to your site. So if you have a landscaping business and you 10 articles published in the likes of House and Garden magazine online you will have better results than being published 100 on foreign random directory listings.

Types of links and how to get the good ones

In SEO link building has changed over the years. The site with the most links used to win, however the user experience didn?t always match up to the search query on search engines so they came up with a better way to give the user what they wanted..answers to their specific questions/ pain points.

These days Google is very sophisticated in the type of links it values and ranks higher than others – Here are a few types of links and how to get them.

Google My Business

If you want good Google results you should start with having a Google My Business listing. Start at the source.

Internal website links

Link between pages or blogs on your own website to help your user move around better and stay on your site longer. 

Links to Government websites .gov.au

These sites have high authority but aren?t easy to get. Look into local government programs where you can offer courses, training or information about products and services.

Links to educational institutions .edu.au

Best way to do this is allow guest posts from students that are studying in your industry and encourage the sharing links with their education community such as teachers and fellow students.

Links to non-profit organisations org.au

Sponsor an event or a charity, donate money or time and get rewarded with a link from a local not for profit organisation. Feels good to give too.

Guest blogging links

Look for people that write about your business topic, they?re always looking for content?content is tiresome to produce so you?ll be doing them a favour. Create some great content and pitch it to the Blogger who owns the site. Do this often. Once you develop a relationship with some of these guys you will have an ongoing source of link options. Just ensure your blogs are GOOD! As always good content always prevails.

Traditional media links

Create a source relevant to your industry that journalists can draw from and quote. Look up sites like HARO https://www.helpareporter.com/ where you can register for alerts on your chosen topics and get notifications when a reporter is looking to source info on that topic.

Links to sites that complement your industry.

If you are a florist link to gift baskets, If you are a mechanic partner with panel beaters, if you are a wedding planner partner with a celebrant. Return the favour for them. But remember to write a good piece of content for their readers, give them some good advice, something they will value. Value always wins hearts.

Social Media profile links and post links

Make sure your website is connected to all your active business social platforms. This is crucial and a very easy way to get links. Include any and all that you maintain. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and so on.

Link all your blogs through your socials and get people coming to your site through those channels.

Reddit links

Post quality content to Reddit and link your site. Do this often and do it well.

Links from Local Directories

This is low hanging fruit but can be very effective. Look up top 100 Australian directories and start there.

Those are probably enough to get you started but being an owner of an SEO company in Brisbane, here are some things I would like you to remember.

  1. Quality over quantity. You want to have links from GOOD authoritative sites, NOT thousands of dodgy sites.
  2. Create good quality content. It?ll take longer but if humans read your content as well as Google you are onto a winner.
  3. Create links often, commitment to link building will make a difference to your SEO position on Google.
  4. Smile. It?s a lovely day in sunny Queensland.

Till next time.

Digitally Yours

Ala Pie