Why it’s the best social media scheduling tool?

When it comes to social media marketing, the key is to be consistent with your posting and to create engaging content. A lot of people struggle with their content and ensuring that they are posting regularly. This is normally due to time restraints and forgetting to log in each day and post on their various platforms. One way to stay on top of your social media and your posting is by using a social media scheduling program. The way in which this works is that you can upload your images, create your content, and schedule them all into the calendar on specific days and they can be auto-published. Our favourite scheduling tool is


What is Later?

Later is a social media scheduling tool that makes your life SO much easier when it comes to the social media side of things. It is a free account, although there is a paid option as well. It gives you the ability to post to different social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest (up to three accounts are included in the free version) and you can schedule as far ahead as you like.

By using a tool such as you are able to be more efficient and effective with your content posting. You are not needing to go in each day and publish a new post. Just spend a few hours at the start of the month scheduling it all out and then you can simply forget about it.


How does it work?

When you create your account and link your social profiles you can then upload your images into the media folder. Once your images are all in the folder it is a simple task of dragging the image to the day and time that you would like it posted. It then pops up with a section for you to add in your copy and any hashtags you would like to include. Then all you need to do is select publish and it is ready to go out in the queue.


What makes it better than the rest?

The reason we love Later so much is because of the abilities that it has. The free plan gives you 30 posts per month, per social account. Meaning you can schedule out a post for every day of the week! You can pay to have additional posts as well if you need them.

We love the option to create your own captions and have them saved. This is perfect for if you are using hashtags or have an opt-in link that you want to include in each of your posts. Simply create your saved captions and insert them into each post. This saves you so much time as you are not needing to retype them for each post.

You can add up to three different social accounts through the free plan and have them all set to auto-publish.

If you are opting for a paid account you have the added bonus of hashtag research and suggestions, the ability to post more than 30 posts a month, and to have more than three accounts. has both a mobile and desktop version which means you can schedule and post on the go through your smart device or when sitting at the computer.

The whole interface is simple to use, navigate, and to understand.

Stop wasting time each day thinking about what to post next. When you sign up to you are taking a step forward and increasing the productivity of you and your business.

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