How to set up a MailChimp account

Are you using the online world to the advantage of your business? There are so many different ways to market and advertise your business online and it is important to use as many of these as you can. Having a website, being active on social media, and having an email marketing campaign all help to increase the potential your business has and in turn increase your sales. Email marketing is a way to get in contact with your current and potential customers, provide them with updates, and market your business to them in a friendly and non-invasive way. Rather than having to type out individual emails to each person, which can become time-consuming, why not use an email marketing platform. MailChimp is a platform where you can house your email contact list, create templates, and schedule email sequences to go out to them all. Let?s have a look at how to set up a MailChimp account.


What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a cloud-based program that you can sign up for all your email marketing needs. There are a number of different plans that you can sign up to, depending on the number of subscribers you have in your contact list and how many emails you are sending out on a monthly basis.

There are free templates that you can use and edit to create your newsletters or emails to send out, and there are also paid options as well.

Once you have created your templates, you can create campaigns that drip feeds the emails out to your contact list on the days and times that you select. This means that you are keeping in regular contact with your subscribers without having to take time out of each day to email them.


How to set up a MailChimp Account

Step One: The first step is to go to the MailChimp website and create your account.

Step Two: Start the sign-up process by going through and entering your personal details including email address, username, and password. Your username needs to be unique and of course something you will remember.

Step Three: Once you have completed these details, you will be sent an email with a verification link so that you can activate your account. Click the link and you are ready to continue.

Step Four: Once your account is verified and active, you can then go through and enter all of your other personal and business details. In this step, you can add your business name, website link, and address details. When it comes to the address section you need to ensure that you include a physical postal address.

Step Five: Now that your account is created you can import your email list and their details all be in the list ready to start adding to email campaigns. You can also now link your MailChimp account to your website and have a pop up created so that people can enter their email addresses and sign up for your newsletters.


When creating an email marketing campaign, ensure that the email addresses that you are sending to have opted in, and are wanting to receive emails from you. If they have not opted in, then you are in breach of the anti-spam laws and can get in a lot of trouble.

Email marketing is a quick, simple way to keep in touch with your current and potential customers. What is stopping you from getting started?


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