How to connect Google Analytics to your website

Knowing what is happening on your website is crucial. Do you know how many visits you had to your site last week? Or know how long people are staying on your website? Knowing these things can help you to better your services and provide people with what they want to see. A great way to track the different analytics of your website is by connecting Google Analytics to your website. By having Google Analytics connected to your website you can keep an eye on all the traffic visiting your site, where they are coming from, and what they are doing on your site. Even better, the set-up process is simple and easy. Check it out below.


Step One ? Set up a Google Account

If you do not already have a Google account or Gmail email address, start by setting one up.

You can set one up here:

Enter in all of your personal details and business details where required. Go through each of the set-up steps and once you are done, you now have a Google Account.


Step Two ? Set up Google Analytics

Once you have a Google account, it is time to set up an analytics account. Whilst still logged into your Google account, go to the Google Analytics page: and click on ?Access Google Analytics?

You will be taken to a new page where you can select to set up an account.

You will then need to enter in all of the details for where you would like your analytics to work. Enter in all the requested information including your website link and the tracking time zone you would like.

Once this is all entered in you will need to click on the ?get tracking ID? button which will bring up an agreement that you need to accept before continuing.

Once you have accepted, you will be provided with a unique tracking ID that will be linked to your website.


Step Three – Connecting Google Analytics to your website

Once you have received your unique tracking ID, you are ready to get it all set up on your website. This is done by adding the ID into the coding of each page of your website. If you do not add it to each page, then you will not get the full analytics of the website and only the pages that you have added it to. In order to have it appear in all pages of your website, you can add the ID into the coding of the header or footer of the website. Make sure you add it at the end of the header or footer coding, but before it is closed off, otherwise you will get an error.


Step Four ? Wait and Watch

Once you have set it all up and linked the tracking ID to the website, it will take up to 24 hours for it to start tracking your site properly. Remember that the tracking will always be one day behind so bear this in mind when checking your stats.

Collecting data from your website and being able to see what is going on with those visiting your site will help give you an edge on the competition. It will help you to tailor your services and your site to your target market. It can help you to increase sales and convert those who are watching and waiting to see what happens with your site.

Still unsure of Google Analytics and connecting it to your website? Why not get in touch? Let?s have a chat about what we can do to assist you and get you tracking your website visits.


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