Having a website is an important part of running a business these days. There was a time when websites were rare and only the bigger, more established businesses had them. Not only have the number of people who have websites increased, but the evolution of the website has also come a long way.

There is much more variety when creating your site in today?s tech savvy times. Website development and website design has changed dramatically. Plus, and possibly most importantly it is now much easier and cheaper to create a website and there are many added features. Gone are the days of paying $10,000 for a hardcoded site. Thanks to the advancement of tech, and the creation of site builders, you can now have a professional website starting for around $500AUD to $1000AUD depending on the size with an average 5-page site costing $2500-$4500AUD and complexity of the site. And the upper limit you ask? Well there isn?t one. This is particularly great news for those of you in the USA and UK, well you know because so far your economies are holding fast against ours (politics another day).

Take a look at how websites have evolved and how far they have come.

The Design

The website design side of things has evolved dramatically over the years. Websites were once designed using various tables, large amounts of text and mismatched images all over the place.

Over the years the design process has changed and the more responsive websites are those that are designed in a minimalist way that include flat designs and playful interfaces.

Web design services have become more prominent and having a website designed for you is a much more simple process than it used to be.

The Functionality

Websites were once, essentially an online business card. They were a single page with your contact details and a few images from your business. This is one of the biggest changes to websites over the years.

A website now is a fully functioning part of your business. There is the ability to purchase directly through the website. To contact the business and open a conversation. A place where you can find information about different topics. And most importantly a way for you to showcase everything your business has to offer.

The Mobile Options

Before smart phones such as the iPhone came out, there wasn?t much need for a mobile friendly website. Your website was only really needed to be optimised for computers. For those who did have mobile functionality it was very limited in what you could do on the site through a phone.

Nowadays, the need for a functioning mobile site is crucial. Infact 57% of all internet search traffic comes from mobile phones and with over 93% of Australians having access to a smartphone a mobile friendly website is critical. Luckily the options for this have increased and it is very easy to have a website that is viewable and usable on both computers and smart devices.

With most sites you have all the same functionality on a phone as you would on a computer.

Modern website development has made this possible.

The Personal Aspect

Websites were once a very stock standard option. If your website was being designed or developed by someone else, you were given a template that many others also had. There was not much choice in designs and this kept many websites looking very similar.

Now with the introduction of platforms such as WordPress for web development, you can personalise your website infinitely.

There are thousands of different themes and templates and website builder apps to add to your site.

You can create a website that is a visual representation of you and your business. It gives your business a chance to showcase its products or services in a way that people will relate to.

The Ease of Use

Although coding is still needed in many elements of website design, it is no longer having to manually enter in HTML to create a full website. Platforms such as WordPress make it easier and more affordable to create a website. There are drag and drop themes, page builders and many other additions that make website creation simpler and more specific to your business.

Web design and development has come a long way. The evolution is one that many are thankful for. Because of the changes in website development, many small businesses have been able to join the online community and grow their business. If you haven?t start exploring today!